Connecting African poultry to local markets

A brand for smallholder poultry and beef

Molu’s meats are a successful Zimbabwe-based family business that specializes in smallholder-sourced beef and poultry products. In order to support the launch of the poultry business, as well as counter the impacts of increasing local and regional competition and the decline in the South African rand, Windward supported Molus in repositioning themselves for profitable sales through their own butcheries and into other retail stores. This focused on clearly defining their product portfolio and ensuring a point of difference for the company in a low-interest commodity category, that supports sales growth.

Commodity: Chicken and beef

Partner: MOLUs Meats

Brand: MOLUs

Source: Zimbabwe

End Market: Zimbabwe

Project status: Complete


  • Windward worked with MOLUS management to understand the objectives, operations and commercial drivers of the business on the ground and with key customers.

  • Windward undertook a review of the market, competition, brands, formats and pricing in order to establish a backdrop of against which to position a new brand for Molus and worked through a structured process to transform the brand and business (pack formats, butchery signage, uniforms).

  • MOLUS new brand has now been applied to all elements of Visual Identity to support the business going forward

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