Connecting Barbados sugar to local markets

Making Barbados sugar profitable

The West Indies Sugar & Trading Company (WISTCO) was established in 2007 as a joint venture between Windward and the government of Barbados, in order to ensure the survival of the sugar industry on the island. Windward is a major shareholder and retains representation on the WISTCO parent company board.

Commodity: Cane Sugar

Partner: Barbados Agricultural Management Company (B.A.M.C.)

Brand: Plantation Reserve

Source: Barbados

End Market: Caribbean, EU

Project status: Launched 2007


  • WISTCO pays up to four times the world price for the branded sugar it buys, allowing the industry to cover its costs and make a profit on every tonne sold.

  • The company has established a portfolio of products aimed at different segments from premium to mass market and as an ingredient brand to manufacturers.

  • These are sold through over 1,000 stores across the EU and Caribbean.

  • This produced US$1.9m in additional income above the world sugar price to producers in 2014

  • The JV now produces value-add products such as caster sugar and icing sugar locally, for the Caribbean and for extra-regional markets.

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