Connecting Barbados sugar to local markets

Making Barbados sugar profitable

The West Indies Sugar & Trading Company (WISTCO) was established in 2007 as a public-private partnership with the state-owned Barbados Agricultural Management Company Ltd in order to ensure the survival of the sugar industry on the island. Windward is represented on the WISTCO parent company board and has created more than $10.2m in added value for the Barbados industry since 2010 through the effective management of exports, intellectual property and marketing activities.

Commodity: Cane Sugar

Partner: Barbados Agricultural Management Company (B.A.M.C.)

Brand: Plantation Reserve

Source: Barbados

End Market: Caribbean, EU

Project status: Launched 2007


  • WISTCO pays up to four times the world price for the branded sugar it buys, allowing the industry to cover its costs and make a profit on every tonne sold.

  • The company has established a portfolio of products aimed at different segments from premium to mass market and as an ingredient brand to manufacturers.

  • These are sold through over 1,000 stores across the EU and Caribbean.

  • This produced $10.2m in additional income above the world sugar price to producers since 2010

  • The JV now produces value-add products such as caster sugar and icing sugar locally, for the Caribbean and for extra-regional markets.

Barbados Sugar sachets
Barbados Sugar packaging

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