Connecting Dominica fresh produce to Caribbean markets

Connecting Dominica fresh produce to Caribbean markets

DEXIA is a statutory government organisation responsible for the promotion, development and export of agricultural produce. Windward is working with DEXIA both to develop a brand for Dominica fresh produce that will differentiate it in the market, as well as support negotiations with regional buyers. The key objective is create value through branding, connections and value-add processing in-country to support good pricing and consistent volumes to Dominican farmers.

Commodity: Fresh Produce

Partner: Dominica Export Authority (DEXIA)

Brand: Dominica ‘Eat Well, Live Young’

Source: Dominica

End Market: Caribbean and Export

Project status: Ongoing


  • Windward is developing a brand for Dominica fresh produce with the input of a range of partners from the government of Dominica to export associations, tourism bodies, farmers and large regional retail customers.

  • Windward has supported DEXIA in negotiations with buyers across the Caribbean to establish pricing, volumes, contracts and logistics for regular shipments of produce

  • Windward will continue to support DEXIA and market partners launch the brand to drive sales in regional markets starting in Barbados, establishing regular orders at sustainable pricing for farmers, and growing fresh produce exports.

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