Connecting Mexican coffee to local markets

Mid market co-operative coffee in Mexico

Mexico is the 9th largest coffee producer in the world with a total production of 258,000 MT. However, despite the development of strong export markets, including the US, the Mexican domestic coffee market is dominated by imported brands. In order to increase the value of local production, Windward developed a unique ethical coffee brand in partnership with Ecom, one of the largest coffee traders in the world.

Commodity: Robusts Coffee

Partner: Ecom

Brand: Amor Café Signature™

Source: Mexico

End Market: Mexico, Latin America

Project status: Launched 2015


  • Windward partnered with Ecom, the largest global coffee merchant, and their subsidiary CAFESCA, the only freeze-dried coffee producer in Mexico, to launch an ethical mass market coffee brand into the Mexican market in December 2015.

  • Windward carried out national consumer research to test brand concepts and created the brand design, labelling and sachets designs and supported CAFESCA in negotiations with regional distributors and retailers.

  • Amor Café brand is sourced at premium prices from the co-operatives in Chiapas, freeze-dried and packed in Mexico and distributed to major national retailers with benefits split with farmers.

  • The brand is currently distributed in Chedraui, Soriana and Al Super retail chains.

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