Connecting Zimbabwe Chillies to African markets

A base of pyramid chilli sauce brand in Zimbabwe

Windward launched its ethical chilli sauce brand, Chilli Power™, in Zimbabwe in 2015 in order to support small chili farmers through local sourcing. The brand was the result of a structured process that included in-depth research in order to produce a product with a taste profile and a brand image that is highly attractive to a broad domestic and regional audience and that has created strong and growing consumer demand and brand loyalty, for a mass-market consumer base.

Commodity: Fresh Chillies

Partner: Westale

Brand: Chilli Power™

Source: Zimbabwe

End Market: Zimbabwe, SADC

Project status: Launched 2015


  • Windward has partnered with Westale, a Zimbabwe based conglomerate, to establish a value chain and portfolio of branded chilli source products

  • Windward conducted consumer research that created a brand and a portfolio of flavours that worked for local consumers.

  • Chilli Power™ is now listed in 257 retail and wholesale stores including Pick’n’Pay, one of the largest retailers in southern Africa.

  • Chilli Power™ pays a 20% social premium that is reinvested in supply-side improvements for all chillies purchased from smallholder farmers.

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