The added value that Windward creates through branding and supply chain expertise is shared between the producer, processor and brand owner, which ensures that producers receive additional income. Windward’s investment portfolio owns the brands that it has invested in and generates a return based on a share of the added value generated. Windward’s advisory portfolio provides consultancy support to develop, launch and manage brands and supply chains on behalf of the brand owner.

By 2020 Windward will:



consumers each month


Generate branded revenue of

US dollars



US dollars in added value


Impact over

smallholder farmers and their dependents in the developing world

Creating shared value for producers

  • Over half of total employment and more than a quarter of GDP in developing countries come from agricultural commodities.

  • 1 billion farmers in developing countries earn at least part of their income by producing these commodities. Most of these farmers are smallholders.

  • Agricultural commodities typically lack sophisticated brands such as those found in more developed sectors and branding these commodities creates consumer demand, which gives producers and partners leverage with major manufacturers and retailers.

  • This adds value by driving security of supply, growing margins and income, relieving long term pricing volatility and allowing producers to compete in global markets.

Windward creates competitive advantage through working with like-minded partners, and establishing the right commercial relationships to grow in the long term. Windward invests significant time in finding and building relationships in each value-chain and all partners share a commitment to social impact, and long-term growth of brands and the value that they deliver.



Establishing the right quality and quantity of supply. A commitment to increased livelihoods/ social impact



Strong, innovative and efficient processing partners with high quality outputs and a supply chain management


Distribution and merchandising

Distributors who invest time, effort and money into launching and growing brands, both locally and regionally


In-country promotions/services

In-country services that support on-going social media activity, and promotions



Establishing national retail, wholesale and other relevant channels to market. Growth into regional and export markets

Windward builds sustainable commodity brands based on principles used by fast moving consumer goods companies that have been applied successfully to commodities as diverse as Shell V-Power gasoline, Pink Lady apples and Chiquita bananas.

Windward applies FMCG brand-building principles to commodities. This takes a structured, integrated approach to New Product Development across the supply chain from market and supply-side due diligence, investment planning, impact assessment, product development, commercial negotiations and contracts, brand and IP management, operational readiness, launch and on-going support.

Windward carefully manages all elements of the process, with strong partner engagement, project management and methodical implementation.

Windward creates brands, promotional material and promotions, social media campaigns, and strong relationships with distributors and retailers to launch brands into local, regional and international markets.

Typically Windward launches new products and brands into local markets first, offering consumers ethical, high quality alternatives to imported competition. Once a firm hold is established locally, Windward will work with partners in regional and/ or international markets to expand sales and impact for local producers.

In a number of cases, Windward will launch ‘ingredient’ brands, working with manufacturing companies. Plantation Reserve sugar (for example) is sold as an ingredient into a number of chocolate manufactures, and baobab is sold into a Zimbabwean dairy to enhance the nutritional content of their milk and yoghurts.